• Scope: Transformation and rehabilitation of an apartment integrated in a Pombaline building, located in the historical center of Lisbon. It presents original typology, consisting of 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and two toilet facilities. It preserves some original materials such as: floors, doors, ceilings and architectural elements (fireplace). Program: The intervention seeks greater permeability between… Project Details

  • Scope: Complete recovery of apartment in the area of Lapa, turning it into a duplex by creating a terrace with river view. Program: Living space consisting of two floors, with the first floor as the private area with access hall to the upper floor where the social area and access to the terrace is distributed.… Project Details

  • Scope: Located in a collective housing building called "social housing", it is a low-cost construction with poor aesthetic quality and low resistance. This intervention intends to establish a contemporary image regarding materials, furniture and circulation between spaces. Program: The new location of the kitchen and toilet installation values the whole set, as it allows to… Project Details

  • Scope: Fraction housing composed of interior and exterior area, with south / north orientation, it has two windows exposed to the public road and a street limited by high walls that define volume; has good ventilation and natural lighting. Typology T2 with a kitchen, toilet facilities and access to the common staircase of the building.… Project Details

  • Scope: Located in a collective housing building in Olivais, Lisbon, the apartment was composed of a very compartmentalized plant. With small areas, the rooms did not allow for comfort, and the connections between the various rooms did not suit the current needs of everyday life. The infrastructures presented technical weaknesses, not supporting the use of… Project Details

  • Scope: Rehabilitation of living space characterized by an original construction with different extensions in annexes of poor architectural condition, in the relation between functional spaces and in the quality of environmental comfort with weaknesses in the thermal behavior, natural ventilation and use of natural light. This intervention intends to unify the set between the different… Project Details

  • Scope: Expansion of apartment consisting of two levels, with rehabiliation of attic, in a high state of structural degradation and without conditions of habitability. Program: Living space consisting of 3 levels and direct access to public street, has on the ground floor the social area, consisting of kitchen and living area. On the upper floors… Project Details

  • Scope: Commercial space located in a Pombaline building, appraised as classified property of public and patrimonial interest by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, object of licensing of the city, subject to the coordination of specialties projects. It aims to transform a commercial area of textile articles into an ice cream shop, with the necessary… Project Details

  • Scope: Space of industrial typology, it intends to change the structure destined to a restaurant for an office with customer service and intense use on the part of the collaborators. It has windows of great dimensions, with direct connection to the public street with strong pedestrian traffic; by occupying the total size of the building,… Project Details

  • Scope: Full construction of housing with three floors (basement, ground floor and 1st floor), including outdoor space with pool and green areas. Contracting: BRICKTAILORS YEAR PLACE TYPE In construction Barcarena - Oeiras Housing Get in touch with us and find out why we are the BRICKTAILORS! With tailor-made projects, specialized services, experience and a dedicated… Project Details

  • Scope: Full remodeling of 2-story apartment (penthouse) with use of terrace with 360º view. Program: Living space consisting of two floors, the first dedicated to the private area and the social area (living room and kitchen) and the second with a closed social area that provides access to the outdoor social area with terrace and… Project Details

  • Scope: Reconstruction of a public building (only with rehabilitating the façades) in order to transform it into a building capable of hosting multiple activities linked to the exercise of citizenship in the Parish of Lumiar. Program: Space for offices, including catering activities as well, ensuring the direct connection of all spaces with the outdoor patio.… Project Details

  • Scope: Restoration of the old Lumiar market to transform it into a bright space with modern infrastructure to support merchants and appeal to buyers. Program: Commercial space consisting of open space and shops, as well as restaurants with connection to the outside of the building (terraces). Materials: Highlight for the application of wooden structure on… Project Details

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