For BRICKTAILORS, architecture is the art of transforming spaces, combining the functional requirements of your project with the ambition and the dream to offer a memorable experience to all of those living in that space.

Architecture is more than just building a structure – it’s building a space that you can call home. Therefore, our projects combine comfort and usability with the technical requirements and inspiration with quality solutions personalized to fit into your life.

The architecture project development starts with a preliminary study, during which we analyze the program from the initial conception of the space, to planning and requirements, so that you know what road to take from the very first step.



At BRICKTAILORS we guarantee the response to the development of all engineering projects and specialties, installations and networks, always with the commitment of quality and total compatibility with the architecture project.

We follow closely all administrative, licensing or communication processes with City Councils and other Institutions, coordinating meetings with these representatives to further the project development. We plan the entire project and necessary contracting, and proceed to the certification, according to the needs of the type of space or usage – habitation, services, commerce, urban spaces.

BRICKTAILORS thus ensures a global coordination of the entire project and construction work, further developing specifications and managing budgets, so that you can always have a detailed view of your project and its future.

It is for these reasons that our projects have been honored with prestigious national awards, but above all, valued with the trust of our clients.

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