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Transformation and rehabilitation of an apartment integrated in a Pombaline building, located in the historical center of Lisbon. It presents original typology, consisting of 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and two toilet facilities. It preserves some original materials such as: floors, doors, ceilings and architectural elements (fireplace).

The intervention seeks greater permeability between the living room, dining room and kitchen, and it implements toilet facilities in the two bedrooms. The cabinets preserve the pre-existing materials and equip the kitchen with furniture capable of receiving equipment.

The respect for pre-existences was premised on the development of the intervention, through the diagnosis of its constitutions and relation with the new materials introduced. The direct connection between the kitchen and the living area by the fireplace and consequent dining area allows for greater space without the kitchen being exposed to the prime area of ​​the apartment.

Contracting: BRICKTAILORS (Limões) | Project: DEJC Arquitetos

2018 Lisbon Housing

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