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Fraction housing composed of interior and exterior area, with south / north orientation, it has two windows exposed to the public road and a street limited by high walls that define volume; has good ventilation and natural lighting. Typology T2 with a kitchen, toilet facilities and access to the common staircase of the building. With the bathroom and storage located in the public place define the service area together with the kitchen, the first interior compartment from the street. The common area leads to the room located to the south with direct stairway door to this compartment.

The intervention intends to organize the circulation and distribute the functionalities by the compartments in a sequential way, with main emphasis in the transformation of the area of the patio in the living and dining area with the use of storage in closets. It maintains the typology and relocates the bathroom next to the kitchen, in order to maximize the use of the infrastructures and centralize the use in the area of the housing as to minimize unnecessary walking.

The renovation of the interior and exterior environments is imposed by the relationship of the materials used, regarding the textures, colors and tones used. The small size of the areas has led to the use of light tones and some textures that refer to and characterize certain details, such as the use of diffused lighting, through crown molding and below the cabinets, which differentiates the environments.

Contracting: BRICKTAILORS | Project: BRICKTAILORS (Architect João Carrasco)

2019 Lisbon Housing

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