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Rehabilitation of living space characterized by an original construction with different extensions in annexes of poor architectural condition, in the relation between functional spaces and in the quality of environmental comfort with weaknesses in the thermal behavior, natural ventilation and use of natural light. This intervention intends to unify the set between the different types of construction and create a course with different functional sequences, distinguishing the private area from the social area is directly connected to the exterior (swimming pool).

Compartmentation defined by 3 rooms, kitchen, a bathroom and dining area and living area in direct connection with the outer space of leisure, also constituted by a technical compartment, defined as a laundry room and where the maintenance machinery of the pool is. Circulation structured by a corridor that interconnects the main entrance from the public street with the kitchen and interior patio.

Pre-existing materials of poor aesthetic quality and precarious housing comfort, which did not influence the final solution. The selected materials aim to present organic textures that make the interior environment compatible with the surrounding environment, a low-density urban nucleus with strong natural surroundings. The use of the stone in the floors and the wood in doors, ceilings and external pavements create the interior comfort and relation with the outside.

Contracting: BRICKTAILORS (Limões) | Project: DEJC Arquitetos

2016 Alenquer - Lisbon Housing

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