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Commercial space located in a Pombaline building, appraised as classified property of public and patrimonial interest by the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, object of licensing of the city, subject to the coordination of specialties projects. It aims to transform a commercial area of textile articles into an ice cream shop, with the necessary technical requirements for the quality of food products. With a predominantly public service area and adequate sanitary conditions.

Project defined by compartmentalization similar to the original one, structured by: public service area, confection of product, service and toilet facilities, all equipped with special facilities suitable for the development of the activity. The compatibility of the technical designs will be a fundamental factor in the proper functioning of hygiene, ventilation and safety systems. Duly framed in the circulation of the area and in the existing architectural elements, a determining reference in the environment and identity of the space, which is intended to be featured from the outside in order to captivate the entry and accessibility to the commercial space.

The preservation and prominence of the space was the project objective that the contractors defended in the careful execution of the project, so that any damage in the preexistences were minimized, as for example the arches formed by hidden natural stone for poor quality coatings.

Contracting: BRICKTAILORS | Project: Arquitetura Maior

2018 Cal├žada do Combro - Lisboa Commerce and Services

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