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Space of industrial typology, it intends to change the structure destined to a restaurant for an office with customer service and intense use on the part of the collaborators. It has windows of great dimensions, with direct connection to the public street with strong pedestrian traffic; by occupying the total size of the building, it allows for a strong commercial exposure. The interior composed by two floors presents a great mismatch in the form between possible compartments and the necessities of circulation of service and security.

The proposal unifies and interconnects the various compartments, from a central core to where all accesses are exposed, that will be a free work zone, prepared for the use of 40 people simultaneously. The offices that surround this space will have visual relation between them, but the sound insulation is guaranteed allowing the comfort and privacy with the client. Different spaces are planned for functions that require needs and environments: space in open space, for large workgroup, with its own dynamics presents great of the work activity; meeting rooms, but adequately adapted to the client's privacy, never being in the forefront of global space observation; Individual work cabinets with direct exposure to the central space, located on the upper floor take the preponderant role; the canopy and sanitary facilities serve the users, with conditions for people with reduced mobility.

Continuity of existing materials, recovery of wooden floors and replacement of hydraulic mosaic. Use of structural elements in partition (wood) to mark the circulation path between floors, using transparencies between spaces.

Contracting: BRICKTAILORS | Project: BRICKTAILORS (Architect João Carrasco)

2018 Lisbon Commerce and Services

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